CORE values

We carry out construction services to support communities and create a better environment we live in.

In essence, our values focus on people – every action taken is done with this core value in mind. We embrace mutual trust, assistance, honest relationship and always appreciate teamwork, transparency, and loyalty. Our values define us, influence our decisions and govern our relationship with clients and colleagues likewise.



The most important thing on every construction work we carry out is the safety of our employees, partners, and clients. Our target and ongoing commitment is a safe working and living environment with zero accidents.


We understand, that our reputation depends on the delivered result. For this reason, we are passionate to deliver any job we do with greatest excellence and amaze our customers with top quality building results at every given opportunity.


The relationship with both our clients, colleagues, and partner are based on mutual trust which is a critical point to a long-lasting success of building construction business. We constantly invest and build on a positive relationship with all of the parties, embracing mutual respect, collaboration, and continuous trust.


We monitor, analyze and improve all of the construction and home improvement processes to achieve even greater satisfaction of our clients. We do not set any process in stone and we are not afraid to change it, especially when it is the right thing to do so.


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Our Commitment

Falcon Construction and Management Contractors is a team of professional builders committed to premium standard construction and home improvement services, highest quality achievements and absolute customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our vision is not only to be a good construction company, but also a good advisor and assistant for our clients. We also aim to be a constantly growing enterprise, offering an excellent quality construction, planning, design and project management services for customers in the UK and the home counties.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve absolute customers satisfaction by making their life carefree and effortless. We attempt to accomplish it by fulfilling our vision statement as well as always providing high quality A to Z construction planning and performing services and keeping up to the core values of the company.

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