We carry out construction services to support communities and create a better environment we live in.

If you already picture how the house of your dream supposed to look like, it’s time to make a further important step ahead and find a builder who will make your dream come true. Builders at Falcon Constructions and Management Cotractors have a number years of experience in carrying out construction works for a vast variety of projects and providing quality services to all of the customers they serve around UK (including London, Milton Keynes and other). The building services include:



One of the best ways to build a house of your dream is to buy a property and carry out its renovation. This helps to make the most out of the property’s best features and make it suite all of your needs and wants. The vast majority of home improvement works include demolishing some parts of a property and completely remodeling it.


Well planned garage renovation or construction of an outbuilding will not only maximize the value of your house, but will enlarge your living or working space as well. Home office, children’s room, gym, or a guest room – converting a garage or outbuilding to any of these will be a smart way to use the free space available at your home.


More space is equal to a higher class. No wonder why loft conversion is becoming increasingly popular and trendy all over the world. Whether it is a fancy bedroom, children’s room or a cozy guest room – you can set up anything on the top floor of your house and it will definitely make a positive change making your home an even more wonderful place to live in.


Make a revolution not only in the house, but below it as well. Light, airy and spacious – these are the latest London basements trends. Basement conversions and basement building in London and the rest of UK are becoming more and more popular as a clever way to use the free space available in a house.

house extensions

House extension can be a very good option allowing you to maximize your living space without even moving the house. You can enlarge it simply by building a side extension or by building additional floor or two. This will not only make your home bigger, but more spacious and airy as well.

bespoke solutions

With our wealth of expertise and industry understanding, we can provide tailor-made solutions to suit any need or requirement. From the initial planning and design stages through to the final construction and finishing touches, we can deliver a fully bespoke service.


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Falcon Construction and Management Contractors is a team of professional builders committed to premium standard construction and home improvement services, highest quality achievements and absolute customer satisfaction.

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Our vision is not only to be a good construction company, but also a good advisor and assistant for our clients. We also aim to be a constantly growing enterprise, offering an excellent quality construction, planning, design and project management services for customers in the UK and the home counties.

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Our mission is to achieve absolute customers satisfaction by making their life carefree and effortless. We attempt to accomplish it by fulfilling our vision statement as well as always providing high quality A to Z construction planning and performing services and keeping up to the core values of the company.

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